PTCL Blocking Skype Out Calls ?

Skype users in Pakistan have reported us that they are having issues in making SkypeOut calls. The problem occurs when users make calls from Skype to mobile phones or landline numbers on PTCL network. Skype to Skype calls have been working fine.

PTCL sources have denied any blocking of the Skype Services. Skype support has said that they have also got numerous reports from Pakistan during past one week, suggesting that users are facing issues in making Skype to phone calls. Skype said that its developers have investigated the problem and found out that issue is with ISPs in Pakistan that is causing disruption in connecting calls from Skype to mobiles phone and landlines numbers.

Skype representative has confirmed that Skype to Pakistan Mobile Calls and Pakistan Landline Calls are routed through regular telephone numbers, and hence voice datamust pass through the traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). It further said that networks in Pakistan are possibly blocking voice data at PSTN level and hence this is something which Skype can’t control. There are countless users in Pakistan who use Skype services – and their unlimited packages – for making International calls. Small to medium sized call centres and tele-coaching and training centres heavily rely on Skype for making calls to western countries.

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