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  • No Hidden Fees, No change of SIM card or operator.

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*All rates are excluding vat

Inayatel is an international calls provider offering high quality and low cost calls to China. Inayatel’s  service is the future of international calls from landlines and mobiles – Inayatel offers excellent voice quality to Call China Mobiles and Landlines, it’s easy, effective and above all, its one of the cheapest services in the market!. 

Cheap Calls to China with Inayatel are really easy: just fill out the sign-up form and register your telephone number(s) from which you’ll be making your calls. Next, dial our local access number and benefits from the cheap call rates to China.


Call China for 2 pence a minute – from your landline or mobile phone.

It really couldn’t be simpler to save yourself a fortune on your overseas calls from your mobile or landline phone. With Inayatel International Calling Service,  all you have to do is register a free account, which takes only a few minutes, and start benefitting from Cheap Calls to China through Inayatel.  Your call is charged at only 2 pence a minute (2.4p including all charges), regardless of  the day, time and location you are calling in China.

Pay 27p a minute less than British Telecom

Rather than paying 28p a minute via BT Landline , pay only 1 p a minute using Inayatel ! Thats a massive saving of 27p per minute over BT. Based on an average utilization of  300 minutes per month to China, Inayatel could allow you to save upto 73 GBP per month** as compared to BT.

**Customers have to dial-in a local access number to use Inayatel services. The local access number is often included in the free minutes bundle for the landline/mobile package. Please double check with your service provider on how much it will cost you to dial in a London local access number.

China Area Codes

Beijing 10
Changchun 431
Chengdu 28
Guangzhou 20
Hangzhou 571
HuaiYin 517
Jilin 25
Nanjing 22
Qingdao 532
Shanghai 21
Shenyang 24
Weifang 536
Wuxi 510
Yantai 535
Xiangfan 710
Zibo 533


The mobile telephony industry in China is dominated by three government run businesses: China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile. The three companies were formed by a recent revolution and restructuring launched in May 2008, directed by Ministry of Information Industry (MII), Nationals Development and Reform Commissions (NDRC) and Minister of Finance. All three companies have obtained 3G licenses and engaged fixed-line and mobile business in China. As of April 2012 China telecom industry has grown to 284.3 million fixed-line subscribers and 1.01 billion mobile customers. These technologies include ADSL, wireless LAN technology, IP (Internet Protocol) telephony and services associated with mobile communications such as Short Messaging Service (SMS), Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), ring tone download etc.

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