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Pakistan Mobile Operators Lost Rs. 1.8 Billion for Remaining Offline During Ashura

Cellular mobile operators had to bear a collective revenue loss of Rs. 1.8 billion for shutting down the services in over 80 cities on 9th and 10th of Moharram.

Initial estimates suggest that around 100 million customers were impacted with the network closure.

It maybe recalled that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had directed all operators to shut down cellular and wireless services in over 80 cities including all major cities in Punjab, KPK and Sindh. Balochistan, this time, remained online throughout the weekend.

Supreme Court over rules Lahore High Court’s ICH Suspension Decision

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has over ruled the Lahore High Court’s decision about ICH suspension, reported Geo TV.

Supreme court’s Lahore registry has now remanded back the ICH case to CPP (Competition Commission of Pakistan) by saying that Lahore High Court is not mandated to suspend ICH. SC said that ICH case should be heard in accordance with law and resolved in 15 days by Competition Commission of Pakistan.

Pakistan Call Rates increase by PTA

Due to the recent actions by Pakistan Telecommunications Authority there will be a substantial increase of the calling rates to Pakistan on October 1st. This increase is affecting all calling providers.

From October 1 our call rates to Pakistan will be 6.6p per minute excluding VAT both for landline and mobile destinations. We understand that this increase is very unfortunate and we will continue working with our suppliers to find more cost-efficient rates.

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