Inayatel : Connecting the world for less !

Inayatel allows you to save up to 98% on international calls cost from your landline or mobile phone in your home country – This is without changing your current operator or SIM-card. You pay your mobile or landline provider for a local call (often free in various packages) and Inayatel for the international call.  Inayatel is striving to provide cheapest calling rates to its customers whilst maintaining excellent voice quality.

It only takes a few minutes to register at Inayatel. Once registered, you are ready to “connect the world for less” with Inayatel.

About the company:

Our vision is to provide cheapest international dialing rates to our customers. Our aim is to radically reduce the cost  of international calls whilst providing excellent voice quality.



The Inayatel service works from any traditional landline or mobile phones and also with most new mobile and smart phones. Inayatel cooperates with all the relevant actors in the industry. This way we can continuously be market leading in the development of even better and durable software for mobile phones.

Inayatel is certified and is continously developing on the following platforms:

  • Symbian OS
  • Windows Smart Phone
  • Windows Pocket PC
  • iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • Android